Ethereum NFT Activity / @kcimc

This dashboard tracks the activity across 75 major Ethereum NFT marketplaces, collectibles, and games platforms.

Once a day, all activity on these contracts is downloaded from Etherscan, along with statistics on Ethereum, and summaries are calculated with kylemcdonald/ethereum-nft-activity.

The latest files are available at the following links: NFT activity percentages, NFT transactions (%), NFT gas (%), NFT fees (%).

Why is this platform/contract included/missing?

Please submit a pull request for the changes you would like to see.

Why doesn't the y-axis autoscale on stacked and monthly charts?

This is long-standing open feature request for plotly.js, so I only implemented the daily percent.

Why does the data start in 2017 when the NFT standard was created in 2018?

Some contracts like CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks implemented NFTs before standardization.